Daria Burik

Acting Head of Rost BTL

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Mystery Shopping

Did you know that the average Ukrainian is usually dissatisfied with the service level she is provided? And that the absence of a smile and a greeting by the salesperson can become the reason for 20 negative stories of the buyer about horrible customer service?

You would be surprised to learn how many heads of Ukrainian call centers hear the advice of their own managers for the customers to turn to rival companies when listening to the recordings of phone calls. Or how many potential purchases are called off in the average car sales center because a manager was absent at his work place. Or just how much damage does the indifference of a shop vendor to brand loyalty. The price of all these mistakes is the loss of profit, reputation, and trust.

We know how to give a timely diagnosis for service faults and how to make sure that the question of the customer “what can you recommend?” becomes the most desired question for the vendor.

The unique Mystery Shopping instrument allows diagnosing the faults in the work of the vendors, to control the necessary POS materials, to motivate the salesperson and consultants to recommend products and to raise the quality of service.

We can tell you how to:
  • Interest the salesperson/consultant in heightening the sales of your product (both through monetary and non-monetary measures).
  • Make the average salesperson an expert in your product.
  • How to teach a representative the art of recommendation and sales.
  • How to make the work of a salesperson a pleasure, to implement a healthy spirit of competition, and how to become the company that salespeople recommend to friends.

More about our possibilities and examples of our work can be found here.

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