Daria Burik

Acting Head of Rost BTL

Quality work always has results!

BTL Services

A university course tells future marketing specialists the following story about the origin of the enigmatic acronym BTL: it was the result of a decision of one marketing specialists to divide the necessary marketing measures for one product into two. The measures that were lucky enough to be mentioned first, or the main measures, were called “above the line,” and all the rest, the additional measures were called “below the line,” or BTL measures.

Naturally, drawing a bold line did not influence the order of priorities for implementing BTL in all products, because in certain cases no other instruments – and thus no bold line – are possible. We know this subject very well, and this allows our clients to save on their marketing budgets. In other words, if the task can be done with a 10 000 BTL campaign, you don't need to invest in a 100 000 TV ads.

We possess some of the most effective BTL instruments in the cost-effectiveness ration, and so know how to help our clients minimize expenses. In our years of successful practice, we have worked out a special approach to our work:
  • we guarantee that the promoters elected by us correspond to the goals of the BTL campaign
  • casting of the promoters is held within the presence of the Employer
  • all promoters are required to go through a workshop on the product of the company of the Employer
  • only bright and artistic personalities, capable of solving the most delicate situations are hired to be promoters.

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