Daria Burik

Acting Head of Rost BTL

Quality work always has results!

Sphere of activity

Rost BTL specializes in promoting products on the retail market. We are presented everywhere in Ukraine.

What do we do?

Implement BTL events for consumers: samplings, taste tests, events with prizes. Organize the work of consultants.
Organize the Mystery Shopper system (motivation of recommendations and monitoring service).
Hold marketing surveys.

Sampling – certain success.

Did you know that only 10% of all consumers are innovators that are ready to experiment and buy new products? The other 90% need to be attracted.

How can a consumer learn about the qualities of your product if you only just introduced it to the market? What motivates him or her to abandon their loyalties towards another product, to take a risk, and to vote for your product with their money?
The answer is sampling – the distribution of free examples of your product, so that the consumers can try it out. Sampling through the mail, first-hand sampling, sampling in stores and glamour magazines – sampling is a nearly fail-safe method to achieve this goal. We personally do not know a single person able to resist a gift.
There are certain key questions to be answered for an effective sampling:
How to organize an effective sampling on a limited budget?
How to choose the correct audience and sampling method?
Where to hold the sampling? How often and how large should the sampling be?
How should the samples look? How to not spend the entire budget on individual packaging and a great number or volume of samples?
How should promoters look and behave?

The Rost BTL company is ready to answer these and many other questions on effective sampling. Our team has its own methods and instruments that have been proven to be effective by the most important stakeholders of the Ukrainian market. Examples of our projects can be found in our portfolio. We are always ready for a substantive dialogue!

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