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Marketing studies

Marketing studies have long become an indispensable part of quality advertising.

Depending on the goal of the Employer, marketing studies can be applied to the following:
  • the consumers (a portrait of the consumer and his behavior models)
  • how the product or brand is perceived
  • advertisements
  • the market

If the Employing company works with a political brand, the necessary sociological research includes:
  • A study of public opinion
  • The analysis of socio-political and socio-economical problems
  • A study of electoral behavior
  • A study of the effectiveness of PR events.

After receiving and analyzing the results of marketing studies, the company has an informational and statistical basis to model a situation or to build models of market processes.

The Promo Group company uses the following technologies of marketing research:
  • Polling – marketing and sociological studies with the aid of questionnaires, and in the form of a personal interview with the respondent. Telephone polling – personal interviews by phone.
  • Polling of experts – interviews with respondents specializing in the appropriate field.
  • Retail Audit – monitoring of certain parameters of a product, such as its price, level of representation in retail outlets to monitor the activities of rival companies.
  • Price & Distribution Check – study of the price and assortment policy of a company.
  • Panel studies – studies that are done on one set or respondents.
  • Storecheking – the study of retail and wholesale outlets, aimed at finding out the assortment of products and price ranges of different groups of products, titles, and brands.
  • Focused group and individual interviews (use of focus groups).
  • Product-test – the testing of taste and organoleptic qualities of the product in a competitive set or in a group of similar products.

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